Our journey

We are a team of highly passionate and good people, who have set out to revolutionise the world news media, make it sustainable, more relevant and more reader friendly.

We want to democratize news. Get it in the hands of even more people, create ideas, sparks and change the lives of people.

Meet our awesome team

  • Søren Bjerregaard Vrist
    Søren Bjerregaard Vrist CTO

    MSc – Computer Scient, University of Copenhagen

  • Michael Hvass
    Michael Hvass CEO & Founder

    MSc – E-business, IT University of Copenhagen.

  • Chiara Biscaro
    Chiara Biscaro Backend Developer

    PhD – Theoretical Physics, Universität Basel

  • Anders Tomsen
    Anders Tomsen Advisory Board Member

    Vice President at e-conomic Denmark A/S

  • Peter Keller-Larsen
    Peter Keller-Larsen Advisory Board Member

    Business Accelerator & Investor at Accelerace Management A/S

  • Rasmus H. Schmiegelow
    Rasmus H. Schmiegelow Advisory Board Member

    Legal Counsel at Falck – Int. M&A, Venture Capital and JV

  • Mads Kaysen
    Mads Kaysen Advisory Board Member

    OTT | Digital Media | Enterpreneur | Online Video

  • Aske Kammer
    Aske Kammer Academic Media Advisor

    PhD – expert on digital journalism, digital subscriptions, and news on social media

  • Birgitte Sørensen
    Birgitte Sørensen Head of UX and design

    MSc , IT University of Copenhagen

  • Alexander Steen
    Alexander Steen Junior Backend developer

    Student at CPH-Business,  Computer Science

Our core values

  • 1. People
    We care about one another. We acknowledge and honour the fundamental value of all individuals without biases based on differences of any kind.

    We strive to create a working environment where people are inspired and can reach their full potential. 

  • 2. Passion
    Passion is the fuel that drives us. We are inspired because we believe in what we are doing and where we are going.

    We have a positive, optimistic, and realistic attitude about everything we do.

  • 3. Trust
    We trust one another. Strong, positive relationships are open and honest.

    In our relationships and transactions with our clients and amongst each other, we are honest, trustworthy, reliable, transparent and accountable.

  • 4. Integrity
    We act ethically and are committed to doing the right thing and following sound business practices.

    We are global citizens and always strive to make the world better than it was the day before.

Join our awesome team

Join our awesome team

We’re always looking for passionate, talented people to join our team

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Break out of your news bubble

We all somehow live in a news bubble where we only read stories that we look for. This means that we only get a limited number of views on the world.

Information is at the heart of what we do, so it’s important to access and read objective and relevant news in order to make the right decisions – at work, in your relationship etc.

We help you to break out of the news bubble and get more perspectives on important stories.


Our academic partners


95 million trees

are consumed for newsprint yearly – in the US only

(source: www.greenpressinitiative.org)

Say no to paper and ink and yes to a better environment