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Publia is 100% independent. Our greatest goal is to build a sustainable news media ecosystem that the publishers, readers and Publia will benefit from.



Write your quality stories and hand them over to us. We will make you reach a bigger audience, get to know them and boost your revenue.



We take care of everything regarding publishing and distribution, so that publishers can focus on writing quality stories.



We will give the readers a unique reading experience by mixing quality journalism from all over the world. Your stories will come even more to life on our platform.

Expand your reach

Let people read your articles everywhere.

Why narrow yourself down to a local audience?
If you are a local media who wants to attract readers in other parts of the world and your story has a global relevance, Publia is for you. 

Want to give your archive a new life?
Not only your current stories are sellable, but much of your archived content is surely up for another read.

We help you reach a global audience and boost your revenue streams.

Know your audience

Publia helps you to better understand your readers by providing you with comprehensive and detailed user data. This enables you to target the interest of your readers more spot-on and let you write even better stories.

Why Publia?

  • Reach a global audience
  • Give archived stories a new life
  • Understand your readers better
  • Boost your revenue streams

Our launch partners will be revealed soon

We will offer stories and analysis with a lasting quality – slow news – from the best media outlets in every country; the established newspapers, but also that small and niches ones that you’ve never heard about.

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