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You are probably like us, very exhausted from all the noice and multiple breaking news in your inbox. Do they make us understand what is happening? Enough with the breaking news and ads spoiling your reading experience.

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We search all over the net for the stories that truly matters and assist you understand the big picture, the global trends as well as the impact on your local area.

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Balanced and objective, because we believe the World is a better place if you see many sides to a story. Social media sadly capture you in a filter bubble populated with people saying what you want to hear. We believe you need to hear many viewpoints.

Connecting you with trusted sources. The sources we present you with have to be trusted. We do the homework and only present you with stories from verified sources - never fake news.

We gathering stories from 200+ sources daily, with the primary goal to make you understand the World better, leaving you with the ability to make better decisions about your life.

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Ready your scuba gear and take a deep dive into a topic. Our team has made deep dives that give you a great overview of a intersting topics. Get your head around a topic and really understand it, we are sure you will love it.

We search a sea of the best articles to you. The articles, videos or podcasts is collected into one page, to give you the best overview and basis for a better understanding.