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Publia scans more than 200 news sources every day to find the defining stories for you. And always sources you can trust and believe in. We curate the best onto a daily or weekly newsletter, that you will present you with a comprehensive overview.

Daily AM Newsletter


So much happens every day. Publia Daily Newsletter cut through the noise to present you with the best journalism as well as the most important stories of the day.

Topics are: #Top Stories, #Business, #Politics and #Technology and special stories we find.

Weekly Newsletter

A collection of the most important and defining stories of the week, from a global citizens perspective. We look through more than 200 news sources, every day, in order to cut away all the noise and breaking news.

The Weekly Newsletter is in your mailbox Saturday mornings, in time for the weekend.

Topics are: Top Stories, Business, Innovation, Politics and the editors pick.

Deep Dive Newsletter

In the Deep Dive Newsletter we dive into a topic and create a webpage full of the most defining and interesting articles within one topic. We guarantee that you will gain new knowledge with the Publia Deep Dives.

(launching soon)


..a great way to find new news sources.
— William, Copenhagen
Publia is now my primary newsletter to stay on top of what goes on in the World.
— Michael, Oslo

.. best quick overview of the week
— Ben, Hawthorn